(Ms. Armed Forces All-American is a National Pageant open to female Active Duty, Veteran, Reserved, Spouse or dependent of Active Duty, veteran or reserved service members.)

To enroll in the 2016-2017
Ms. Armed Forces All-American Pageant, 
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Entry Fee  $200.00
Registration Fee/Deposit $100.00
Pageants Guidelines
You will meet with the official panel of judges for a one on one 5 minute interview.  A professional business suit is the attire for the Interview competition. You are interviewing for the job of Ms. Armed Forces All-American.  You are not going to a cocktail party; therefore, your look should be fresh for daytime, contemporary, and stylish.  Your make-up should be light and your hairstyle should be cutting edge and age appropriate for today. Your jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Panty hose are optional.  You may also choose to wear your Military Dress Blues.

Fitness Wear includes an expressive, lively symmetry of form, walking, standing and general movement. You will wear black or white tennis skirt with official Pageant T-shirt.  

A floor length evening gown of your own style and color should be worn. Judges will be instructed to look for sense of style, confidence, stage presence and carriage, how she wears the gown and not the gown itself, poise and grace.  Your evening gown should be age appropriate. This is the face and grace portion of our pageant. 

The Fun Fashion wear presentation is a modeling segment of the competition. The contestant's outfit should be something that she would wear to an upscale event, fashion show or After five gala. The outfit should reflect your personality, creativity and your flair for fashion and style.

Judging Guidelines
 40% Interview (scored 1 to 20 points)
 10% Fitness Wear (scored 1 to 10 points)
 10% Fun Fashion Wear (scored 1 to 10 points)
 20% Evening Gown (scored 1 to 10 points)
 20% On Stage Question (scored 1 to 10 points)

No political or religious questions allowed unless you bring the subject up yourself.  
The Ms. Armed Forces All-American Pageant was created in 2004 by Founder and CEO of Julia's Choice Productions, Julia Guity. In 2002, Julia was crowned Ms. Semper Fi and that defining moment led to her wanting to start a pageant which showcased and crowned women of the Armed Forces, hence the Ms. Armed Forces Pageant was born. Ms. Armed Forces All-American is open to all Active Duty, Retired, Reserve and Veteran women. It is also open to any spouse of an Active Duty, Reserve, Veteran or Retired Armed Forces Member. 

Contestants will compete and be judged in the following areas of competition: preliminary interview, fun fashion, fitness, evening gown and on stage question and answer. Your pageant entry will allow you to take part in a first class pageant production in an amazing, positive and motivational environment. You will participate in a fun competition weekend and gain new friendships and memories to last you a lifetime.

The objective of this pageant is to showcase our strong, beautiful, intelligent and hard working women of the Armed Forces as well as the women who are a support to a loved one serving in the Armed Forces. The objective is also to educate, entertain, enlighten, and enhance the young women of our Armed Forces who also play an intricate role within their homes and communities. We strive to meet our objectives by introducing strong, positive role models to the community, of whom we can all be proud and by encouraging our reigning queen to maintain integrity and humility in all she sets out to accomplish as well as a sense of pride in her country and in her position in the Armed Forces. 

The race is on to crown the next Ms. Armed Forces All-American, so if you are ready to showcase your pride for your country, walk the runway, promote your platform and inspire others, the Ms. Armed Forces All-American Pageant is just for you! 

We cordially invite you to be a part of the Ms. Armed Forces All-American Pageant family!

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Fun Fashion
Evening Gown
Welcome to 
Ms. Armed Forces All-American Pageants
A Julia's Choice Production
Ms. Armed Forces All-American 2016
Cynthia Guzman Milligan - Bloomington, Indiana
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Ms. Armed Forces All-American Photo Gallery
Congratulations to 
Ms. Armed Forces All-American 2017
Kira Watson
Ms. Armed Forces at the Indianapolis NOSC.

Ms. Armed Forces at Comic Con Honolulu!
Ms. Armed Forces at Comic Con Honolulu
Ms. Armed Forces at Comic Con Honolulu.

Ms. Armed Forces volunteering at the Hawaii Dog Foundation.